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Greaseproof Paper Bag suppliers
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daisy1872683 160 points
Material:food grade material
Color:white / natural
Coating:PE coating
Craftsmanship:flexographic printing + cutting
Product customization:material, size, pattern, etc. can be customized according to customer needs
Product usage:Chinese and Western baked pastries, etc.
Support craft:offset printing, silk screen printing, uv printing, embossing printing, etc.
路Oil and waterproof
路Food grade material
路Support customization/printing clear
路Middle back design
Thickened material, the back cover is firm and impervious, upgraded material, strong bearing capacity, made of high-quality kraft paper.
100% recyclable. An eco-friendly alternative to plastic tote bags.
It gives your product a beautiful look.
Also great for storing candies, cookies, small cakes and candies etc.
Wrap your homemade cookies in these brown paper bags as a sweet gift for a friend.
Our comprehensive line of paper bags can meet your every need. Paper bags are also known as eco-friendly packaging because the paper material is a recyclable and renewable resource, reducing the impact on the environment.
The style, design (printing) and finish of the food cake bag can be customized. Just tell us your business, your needs and the details of how you will use your bags and we'll be sure to provide you with an effective paper bag solution!
Food cake bags are flat-packed for easy storage and stand alone for quick product or cargo loading. This makes it easy for customers or drivers to carry and transport.
Food cake bags are a great alternative to traditional plastic bags. Not only is it more visually appealing than plastic bags, but it also gives your customers a sense of quality that they can feel for themselves. Whether used in your boutique, grocery store, market, deli or winery, this bag is sure to give your products an upscale look on the go.
This bag is perfect for storing groceries, smaller takeout orders or as a boutique staple. The sturdiness of the food cake bag makes it easy to carry, while the rectangular base allows the bag to stand upright during loading, unloading and transport. This makes the checkout process easier for you and your customers. With this product, you can easily carry food.Greaseproof Paper Bag suppliers
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Nov 28, 2022
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